About us

Quality, unique design, individuality….

These are words that describe the jewelry made by Cardillac.
Goldsmiths Carla and Paul Steenbrink design and create this signature collection with an eye for detail and comfort of fit. Experience the force and craftsmanship represented in Cardillac Products.
This exclusive jewelry is available only at selected jewellers and goldsmiths.

Cardillac was established in 1988, and its name is derived from the goldsmith as mentioned in the book in ‘Das Fräulein von Scuderi’ by E. Hoffmann.

Gold & diamond


All gold that we use is recycled gold (e.g. gold from existing jewelry , mobile phones and laptops). We buy this recycled gold from  Schöne Precious Metals. Schöne has an international LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) certification. So it isn’t recently mined gold whose origin is uncertain.

Working with recycled gold has two advantages: it is guaranteed that no human rights are violated, and the environment is not further negatively impacted by mining activities.



We declare that our diamonds are subject to the ‘System of warranties’ of the ‘Kimberley Certificate’, as guaranteed to us by our suppliers.


1 day ago

Ruimtelijke vormgeving voor het oor.
Sculptures for your ears.

1 week ago

Ruimtelijke vormgeving voor je hand.
Sculpture for your hand.

2 weeks ago

Armband ook in maat xxl verkrijgbaar.
Cardillac bracelets in all sizes.

3 weeks ago

Ruimtelijke vormgeving voor je hand.
Sculpture for your hand.

3 weeks ago

Onze nieuwe hanger uit de Champagne collectie.
Our new pendant from the Champagne collection.